Working as an at-home Customer Service Agent

Customer Service At-Home job positions are the most popular among job seekers. This job category covers a large variety of different jobs.

If you have experience in customer service and have computer and telephone skills, you might find your dream job in this niche. These jobs often have set schedules that they need you to be working, just as if you were going into the office. At a very minimum, you should expect to need a quiet workspace with an up-to-date computer and telephone access for any of these types of positions.

Order Processing

One of the most common types of jobs listed in Customer Service at home are for order processors. Basically, you are the first person a customer speaks to when calling in to place an order for a product or service. Often you’ll have a script to read, and then you’ll be taking the customer’s order, entering it online so it can go to the corporate office. Some of these jobs may require a little extra sales-work, so be sure you are clear on what is expected.

Virtual Reception

Another type of customer service at home job is for Virtual Reception. Basically, you would answer incoming calls for a business and provide front-office phone reception duties. We’ve seen these jobs posted for individual companies, hiring just one or two people to work for them. We’ve also seen these jobs hired on a larger scale, with companies that provide virtual reception for multiple other businesses. This is a great job niche to enter, because businesses of every size can use virtual receptionists. Medical professionals, Customer complaint lines, Realtors, Website Hosting companies, Online stores… these are all examples of Virtual Receptionist positions we’ve seen.

Customer Care

This is another type of customer service job. Customer Care usually refers to providing support to existing customers. In these types of jobs, you might be providing phone support to customers calling to inquire about an order they placed online. You might need to provide online support to customers who are trying to access their accounts or find information on the company website. You may be responding to customer emails, providing front-line support. You might be able to find full-time employment by working with a single company, or you may end up working for multiple companies as as sub-contractor.

These are just some examples of the wide variety of jobs you’ll find under the Customer Service category. Remember to do your research. Is there specific knowledge or skill sets that are required? What hours will you be working? Does the job description interest you? Take your time, and you’ll find the perfect customer service at home job for you!