About Us

We are a group of work-at-home professionals who have been helping people find home-employment for over 15 years

Over the past decade and a half, our company has hired and managed hundreds of independent contractors who work in a variety of jobs. We’ve hired customer service agents, call center representatives, virtual receptionists, virtual assistants… even psychics and astrologers!

We always heard such great feedback from the people we hire about how wonderful it was to work at home, we decided to create the HomeJobster jobs listing database to help even more people find home employment. Now we serve up hundreds of home based jobs every month, enabling more and more people to find the enjoyment of eliminating the commute to work!

With the HomeJobster database, our goal is to find as many real home-based jobs as possible. This is hard work… we have our sources, and we’re always looking for more. We also try to research positions and make sure they are legitimate jobs. We have long-term relationships with many employers, giving us exclusive access to post their job openings!

Everyone who works for HomeJobster does so in our “Virtual Office.” We all work from home, performing our tasks by telephone and over the internet. We’re proud to be pioneers in the home-employment industry!

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