Virtual Psychic Readers

This special-segment of the work-at-home employment market provides one of the greatest opportunities available… but are you psychic?

The telephone-psychic networks of the 1990’s created the first nationwide use of at-home workers on a large scale. Thousands of people worked from home answering calls and providing psychic or tarot card readers to customers who watched an infomercial on TV. An entire infrastructure to handle hiring, managing and paying these individuals was also created.

Eventually, this industry spawned even more work at home jobs for people who weren’t psychic. Telemarketers were hired to make outgoing calls to previous customers, providing them with offers to call the network again. Customer service agents started working from home to handle in-bound calls and take payment before the caller was connected to their reader. Data entry agents were hired to transfer the reader’s hand-written logs into usable reports.

In all, the telephone-psychic industry created a myriad of opportunities for people of various backgrounds to find gainful employment at home. Beyond that, these company’s near-exclusive use of at-home workers demonstrated to other companies that it could be done. By creating the framework to allow workers to be at home, yet provide the same level of service as if they were in some corporate office, the companies were able to realize serious financial savings. Their workforce could quickly respond to increases in call-volume, allowing the company to focus on generating even more business.

Although the telephone-psychic industry experienced some tough times when the 1-900 billing system self-imploded, a handful of those companies were able to re-invent themselves, delivering services through email, text-chating or even video readings. Telephone networks still exist, stronger then ever, and many newer companies have setup shop too! Today, the at-home psychic industry is still one of the largest segments of stay-at-home jobs, providing incomes for thousands of individuals.

Of course, the job isn’t for everyone! But if you have a background providing psychic or tarot card readings, you should check out the great opportunities available for work at home psychics!