Multi-Task and Maximize Your Income

Ask just about anyone who has successfully found home-based employment, and they are likely to tell you the same thing… you need to multi-task!

Very few people find a single home based job that provides them with all their needs (full-time, consistent pay, livable salary). Although there certainly are many people who are able to work for one company and earn enough for their income goals, the much more common situation involves working for 2 or more companies.

We call this “home income diversification.” Its actually a pretty simple concept. Often in order to just find enough work, a home-worker needs to take on 2 or 3 different projects. They may work as a Customer Service Agent taking inbound calls for 15-20 hours a week, and also work doing website reviews for 10 hours a week. They may also market their services on a per-job basis as a Virtual Assistant.

The trick to home income diversification is to find successful programs that work well together.

First, try finding one job that has a set schedule that requires you to be working during specific pre-set shifts. Customer Service or Call Center jobs often require such a time-commitment. This can provide you with a base income that is steady and something you can count on.

Second, look for other home jobs that allow you more flexibility with your schedule. Look for jobs that pay by the project, and work more on deadlines then specific work hours. Writing jobs, telemarketing, and data entry positions often offer this level of flexibility.

If you find that you still have time in your work-week, try looking for other income projects that can help you grow your income. Think about things like paid online surveys, or perhaps consider looking into a home based business.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant is a great way to supplement your home based income.

Another way you can diversify your home income is by becoming a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants take on projects on a case by case basis. Sometimes they may have several hours worth of work to do for a single client, but often their work load fluctuates. Finding work as a Virtual Assistant can take time… there are some job postings specifically for this type of work. However, most virtual assistants end up setting up their own “shop” and accept projects from multiple clients.

Some very successful Virtual Assistants have even been able to turn this line of income into full-time work. In fact, by performing tasks for multiple clients, you essentially have built-in your home income diversification!

Diversifying helps insulate you from the ups and downs of working at home.

One of the problems with home based employment is often the lack of stability. Many projects or jobs are temporary. Some are on-going but don’t always have work available. Some may take longer to be paid for, especially if you are invoicing clients.

By diversifying your income and taking on multiple jobs or projects, you can help insulate yourself from the occasional downs. If one job or project doesn’t have work, hopefully one of your others does! Remember to keep busy, but be careful not to over-extend yourself. Eventually you’ll need to make choices and decide where your time is best spent!

Get help finding successful home based jobs!

There is a lot of information out there about home based jobs, but the truth is for each open position, there are likely dozens if not hundreds of potential applicants. Make sure to stay up-to-date with all new current listings, and then be one of the first in line to apply!

Searching dozens of websites and online listings takes time, and its easy to miss hot job leads. Try taking advantage of a home job listing service (such as HomeJobster!) and you increase your chances of finding gainful home employment.